18. Calculation of tax.

(1) The net amount of tax payable under section 13 by a registered dealer, other than the dealer who has been granted permission to pay lump sum tax under section 14, 14A read with clause (bb) of sub-rule(8) of rule 28, 14B, 14C or 14D  shall be determined in Form 201.

(2) If the amount calculated as per sub-rule (1) has a negative value-

(a) the same shall be adjusted against tax liability, if any, under the Central Sales Tax Act, 1956 (hereinafter called 'central sales tax liability') for the said tax period and the remaining amount of central sales tax shall be payable; or

(b) if there is no central sales tax liability or if the central sales tax liability for the said tax period is less than the said negative amount, then no tax under the Act as well as under the Central Act will be payable and the net amount, after adjusting the central sales tax liability, shall be carried forward to the next tax period of the same year or, as the case may be, the subsequent year.

(3) Net tax payable by a dealer liable to pay tax but not registered under the Act for a tax period shall be equal to tax payable for the said tax period and leviable under sections 7 and 9.