Assessment after partition of a Hindu undivided family.

20. (1) Where, at the time of making an assessment, it is brought to the notice of the [Assessing Officer] that a partition has taken place among the members of a Hindu undivided family, and the [Assessing Officer], after inquiry, is satisfied that the joint family property has been partitioned as a whole among the various members or group of members in definite portions, he shall record an order to that effect and shall make assessment on the net wealth of the undivided family as such for the assessment year or years, including the year relevant to the previous year in which the partition has taken place, if the partition has taken place on the last day of the previous year and each member or group of members shall be liable jointly and severally for the tax assessed on the net wealth of the joint family as such.

(2) Where the [Assessing Officer] is not so satisfied, he may, by order, declare that such family shall be deemed for the purposes of this Act to continue to be a Hindu undivided family liable to be assessed as such.